Week 1:1 (Aug. 7-11)

  • Blue letters/symbols on the indicate a handout or notes being given in class.
  • Green symbols indicate classroom activities (e.g., groupwork, lectures, lessons).
  • Red letters/symbols indicate an assignment due date or assessment.

Welcome to a new school year! I’ve posted the week’s agenda for all to see. This is a weekly occurrence, usually done on Thursday afternoon for the week which follows. Please refer to the key above to make clearest sense of the agenda. You can also click on the agenda board for a larger zoom-able image. Below, you’ll find downloadable versions of this week’s in-class handouts along with a few other helpful documents.

Pre-IB English 2: Course SyllabusPlagiarism Notes

AP Research: Course SyllabusResearch Prep Packet (Tasks #1-4)EBSCO HostGale DatabasesJSTORGoogle Scholar

AP Literature: Course SyllabusSummer Packet, Discussion PrepJane Eyre E-text