Week 1:2 (Aug. 20-24)

Pre-IB Inquiry Skills: SyllabusIB Calendar, CTSS Rosters, Grammar Diagnostic (class code is elbow-option), Planner Check Rubric

English 2 Honors: SyllabusThe Things They Carried AssignmentFour QuestionsColormarking #1“Harrison Bergeron” E-text“Harrison Bergeron” AssignmentTransitions Toolbox, “When I Heard the Learn’d Astronomer”Proofreading Expectations“My Life as a Bat” Assignment, “The Boy Died in My Alley”

Pre-IB English 2: SyllabusColormarking #1Transitions Toolbox“Harrison Bergeron” E-textVonnegut Background“Once Upon a Time” E-textGordimer BackgroundStated & Implied ThemeProse VocabularyComp Book Task #1Proofreading ExpectationsColormarking #2, “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” E-text

AP Research: Syllabus, PREPs #1-3, PREP #4Purdue OWLAnnotated Bibliography Template, CRAAP TestTurnitin.com Registration, Protecting Human Research Participants CertificationSample Student PresentationsPresentation RubricResearch Process Visualization InstructionsResearch MethodsResearch Terms / Assigned Readings: What Research Is Not & What Research IsLanguageThe Human Mind / Search Databases: EBSCO HostGale DatabasesJSTORGoogle Scholar

AP Literature: SyllabusDiscussion PrepJane Eyre E-textTurnitin.com RegistrationJane Eyre JournalSample JournalsSiddhartha Open Essay RubricQuarter 1 Reading ScheduleQuarter 1 Poetry PacketMLA Template (for Poetry Responses), “The Boy Died in My Alley”