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Ancient Egypt
George Hart*****Discover the Nile valley civilizations — from the riches of the pharaoh's court to the daily life of priests and workers.

A detailed look at life in Egypt — from the pharaoh and his courtiers, through the mystical rites of the priests, to the world of the workers in the fields. Featuring stunning items from the tomb of Tutankhamun and jewelry from the royal palaces, Eyewitness Ancient Egypt shows how Egyptian palaces, Eyewitness Ancient Egypt shows how Egyptian nobles lived. Find out how they prepared for the afterlife and what food, clothes, weapons, and even toys ordinary people enjoyed. See the mummies of priests and kings, fruit that is more than 3,000 years old, the treasures of the pharaohs and the weapons of an Egyptian soldier. Learn why even cats and dogs were mummified, why the pharaohs were buried with boats and statues, why brave Egyptian soldiers had medals in the shape of flies and how the doctors of Egypt healed the sick. Discover what was inside the Great Pyramid at Giza, how Tutankhamun's tomb was found, what games Egyptian children played, what went on in the temples of Ancient Egypt and how hieroglyphics were deciphered. And much, much more!
Ashanti to Zulu: African Traditions
Margaret Musgrove*****Artists Leo and Diane Dillon won their second consecutive Caldecott Medal for this stunning ABC of African culture. "Another virtuoso performance. . . . Such an astute blend of aesthetics and information is admirable, the child's eye will be rewarded many times over."—Booklist. ALA Notable Book; Caldecott Medal. Full color.
Bog Bodies: Mummies and Curious Corpses
Natalie Jane Prior*****Human bodies frozen in time reveal amazing stories in this fascinating look at preserved people of the past. Incredible true stories about "bog bodies" offer unique insights into life hundreds, even thousands, of years ago. Full-color photos.
The Boys' Book of Greatness: Even More Ways to Be the Best at Everything
Scholastic, Martin Oliver*****Boys will learn how to be the everything!

This book is full of even more ways to be the best at everything. This time around, boys will have the chance to learn how to:

Pitch a tent.
Fake a bloody scar.
Be the world's greatest air guitarist.
Hypnotize someone.
Be a ventriloquist.
Roll a kayak... and much more!
Bury the Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons, and Rituals
Christopher Sloan*****From ancient times to the present, this book explores the customs and rites of burial that have existed for cultures preparing a loved one's body for the afterlife. / Christopher Sloan is Senior Editor for Art at "National Geographic magazine, where he guides the work of artists on projects ranging from dinosaurs to the frontiers of space. He is also the magazine's specialist for paleobiology. Sloan is the author of several children's books.
Bury the Dead: Tombs, Corpses, Mummies, Skeletons, and Rituals
Christopher Sloan*****From ancient times to the present, this book explores the customs and rites of burial that have existed for cultures preparing a loved one's body for the afterlife. / Christopher Sloan is Senior Editor for Art at "National Geographic magazine, where he guides the work of artists on projects ranging from dinosaurs to the frontiers of space. He is also the magazine's specialist for paleobiology. Sloan is the author of several children's books.
Children Just Like Me: A Unique Celebration of Children Around the World
Anabel Kindersley, Barnabas Kindersley*****Published to coincide with UNICEF's fiftieth anniversary, a celebration of children around the world is based upon interviews with young people from all walks of life and reveals their diverse cultural backgrounds and universal similarities.
Crusaders, Aztecs, and Samurai: From AD 600 to AD 1450
Dr. Anne Millard*****— A brilliant overview of world history from prehistoric times to the early 20th century

— Prepared with the help of experts in each period

— Lots of illustrations provide an attractive and stimulating starting point to each subject
Darkness Over Denmark: The Danish Resistance and the Rescue of the Jews
Ellen Levine*****The remarkable story of collective and individual acts of bravery and altruism. Photos, map, bibliography, index.
First Dictionary of Cultural Literacy
E. D. Hirsch, Jr.*****This popular children's version of the best-selling DICTIONARY OF CULTURAL LITERACY has been updated for a generation that needs not only a solid grounding in the arts and sciences but a clear understanding of the world around them-from world geography to the World Wide Web. No other book gives children so much from ancient history to current technology, in one engaging volume. "It's hard to imagine a child who wouldn't be improved by knowing everything this book contains. And getting there can be half the fun." Quote by WINSTON SALEM JOURNAL.
Growing Up in Ancient China
Ken Teague*****Describes daily life in ancient China, discussing life in the country, life in the city, schools, festivals, and other aspects.
Growing Up in Ancient Greece
Chris Chelepi*****Describes daily life in ancient Greece, discussing life in the city, life in the country, school, ceremonies and festivals, food, and other aspects.
Growing Up in Aztec Times
Marion Wood*****Describes the daily life of the Aztecs, discussing life in the city, life in the country, education, food and drink, and other aspects.
Horrible Histories: Cruel Kings and Mean Queens
Terry Deary*****Which king died after falling off the toilet? Why people thought King John was a werewolf? Why Queen Anne's feet were covered in garlic? This gruesome guide lets you into the secrets of our mad, menacing and murderous monarchs and the terrible times in which they ruled.
Horrible Histories: The Groovy Greeks
Terry Deary*****
Horrible Histories: The Measly Middle Ages
Terry Deary*****"The Measly Middle Ages" portrays life as it really was in the days when knights were bold and the peasants were revolting.
Horrible Histories: The Rotten Romans
Terry Deary*****Follows life for folks in Roman Britain from Nero to Boudicca and includes a look at gory games, rotten recipes, and loads of frightening facts.
The Life Millennium: The 100 Most Important Events and People of the Past 1000 Years
Robert Friedman*****The flush toilet and the discovery of the potato. The Declaration of Independence and the invention of plastic. The first novel and man's first steps on the moon. These are just some of the 100 most important events, discoveries, and magnificent moments of the past 1,000 years selected — and ranked — by the editors of Life in this highly readable and lushly illustrated tour of the millennium. Working with dozens of experts around the world and based on the magazine's fall 1997 special double issue, Life's editors have put together an encyclopedic and entertaining account of human progress from 1001 to the present. The two separate rankings — the 100 Most Important Events and the 100 Most Important People — include many surprises, along with some of this millennium's best-known personalities and developments. This is social history as never seen before, a book to last for the next 1,000 years.
My Librarian Is a Camel: How Books Are Brought to Children Around the World
Margriet Ruurs*****When we think of a library, we picture a building on a street or perhaps a room in a school. But some libraries aren't kept behind four walls. Some move from place to place in the most remarkable ways: by bus, by boat, by elephant, by donkey, by train, even by wheelbarrow. These unusual mobile libraries are often the only way that books can be brought to people in remote areas, such as the mountains of Thailand, the Gobi Desert of Mongolia, or rural areas of Zimbabwe. In places such as these, the arrival of the libraries is a major and much anticipated event. But the books would never reach the people without the hard work of dedicated librarians and volunteers.

Margriet Ruurs, writer and educator, contacted librarians around the world and asked them to share stories about their libraries. In many cases, volunteers and librarians took camera in hand to photograph their mobile libraries and to record the happy faces of children receiving books. The result is this inspiring photo essay, which is a celebration of books, readers, and librarians.
Why would librarians go to the trouble of packing books on the backs of elephants or driving miles to deliver books by bus? Because, as one librarian in Azerbaijan says, "the mobile library is as important as air or water."
Oh, Yikes! History's Grossest, Wackiest Moments
Joy Masoff*****FOR USE IN SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES ONLY. A compendium of history's weirdest facts, from diapers through the ages and the history of dentistry to hoaxes and the true Dracula.
On Assignment: Queen Anne's Revenge
Amy Royster*****This non-fiction paperback book tells the real story of Capt. Blackbeard, his booty and his final ship, sunken off the shores of NC. The author of the book is also a diver, so she was able to go down to the site.
Secrets of the Mummies
Harriet Griffey*****Egyptian mummies, Inca mummies, mummies of today — discover their secrets if you dare! These 48-page books about fascinating subjects like pirates, mummies, and volcanoes are for proficient readers who can understand a rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure. In addition to the stunning photographs, informative sidebars, and glossary, readers will find archival photographs and paintings. Averaging 4,500 to 5,000 words in length, Level 4 books are 40 percent pictures and 40 percent text.

The Dorling Kindersley Readers combine an enticing visual layout with high-interest, easy-to-read stories to captivate and delight young bookworms who are just getting started. Written by leading children's authors and compiled in consultation with literacy experts, these engaging books build reader confidence along with a lifelong appreciation for nonfiction, classic stories, and biographies. There is a DK Reader to interest every child at every level, from preschool to grade 4.
A Smart Girl's Guide to Friendship Troubles: Dealing with Fights, Being Left Out & the Whole Popularity Thing
Patti Kelley Criswell*****From backstabbing to bullying to just being left out, here's advice for girls about a whole host of friendship problems. How do you speak up for yourself when you're worried about hurting your friend's feelings? What if your best friend leaves you for the more popular crowd? What do you do when your friend the "rule setter" decides you're not cool anymore? When- and how- do you get your parents involved without making things worse? Tips, quizzes, and real life stories about girls who've solved their friendship problems round out this timely advice book.
A Smart Girl's Guide to Manners: The Secrets to Grace, Confidence, and Being Yourself
Nancy Holyoke*****Girls learn through fun quizzes, advice, and letters from other girls, that manners aren't about being stuffy, boring, or formal. Manners give girls the skills they need to handle tough and tricky times in their life. From the dinner table to the telephone, manners give girls what they need to WOW the world.
Take Me Back
DK Publishing*****Take Me Back is a chronological exploration of the people and events that have shaped societies through time. From Mesopotamia to Mao, the Incas to Iraq, the Spartans to the Space Shuttle, this history book covers it all.

Discover the history of the world through the unlikeliest of channels: newscasts from 1492, the blog of Louis XVI's closest confidant, and more bold, zany, and irreverent sources. Learning history has never been so innovative or exciting. Find out where you fit in to the story of the world!
The Charge of the Light Brigade
Cecil Woodham-Smith*****Nothing in British campaign history has ever equalled the tragic farce that was the Charge of the Light Brigade. In this fascinating study, Cecil Woodham-Smith shows that responsibility for the fatal mismanagement of the affair rested with the Earls of Cardigan and Lucan, brothers-in-law and sworn enemies for more than thirty years. In revealing the combination of pride and obstinacy that was to prove so fatal, the author gives us a picture of a vanished world, in which heroism and military glory guaranteed an immortality impossible in a more cynical age.
The Kings & Queens of Europe: A Dark History (From Medieval Tyrants to Mad Monarchs)
Brenda Ralph Lewis*****From Philip IV of France's persecution of the Knights Templar in the fouteenth century to the troubled lives of Monaco's current royal family, this book reveals the scandals, secrets, and sadness behind all of continental Europe's monarchies, including Hungary, Spain, Austria, Hungary, and Belgium.
The Silk Route: 7,000 Miles of History
John S. Major*****Silk has long been considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. But thousands of years ago, the production of silk cloth was one of China's most prized secrets. So how did silk become one of the most sought-after materials in the world?

With lavish illustrations and a highly informative text, The Silk Route traces the early history of the silk trade-from the mulberry groves of China to the marketplace in Byzantium-and explores how two of the world's greatest empires were brought together, forever opening the channels of commerce between East and West.
Timelines of World History
Jane Chisholm*****An astonishingly thorough reference book covering the most important dates in world history from 9000 BC right up to the present day. Densely illustrated , including maps, photographs and diagrams, this invaluable book will be a handy and essential reference tool for students throughout secondary school.
Welcome to the Globe: The Story of Shakespeare's Theatre
Peter Chrisp*****The focus here is on the Bard's theater, its actual physical description and its place of importance in Elizabethan society. Featuring a cast of characters including the famous actor Richard Burbage and his brother Cutbert, who together built the Globe.