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50 Great States
Dalmatian Press*****Find out fun, fast facts about out fifty nifty states!
Everyday Geography
Kevin McKinney*****The ultimate sourcebook for anyone who wants to keep track of changing borders, countries that appear on the evening news, or just brush up on geography features detailed maps and illustrations, informative text, entertaining sidebars, and fascinating "geofacts." Original.
Kids' Road Atlas
Rand McNally Publishing*****
Maps and Mapping
Barbara Taylor*****This absorbing book covers the elements found on maps, including scales, contour lines, and the use of colors and symbols.
My World
Ira Wolfman*****An interactive first geography for kids, My World & Globe combines an exciting, completely illustrated book about our physical world with a custom-designed 18-inch inflatable globe and 100 geographical stickers. My World surveys all the continents, oceans, major islands and rivers: where they are and how they formed, the weather you might expect to find there and the people and animals you'll meet along the way. The globe is printed with only the most basic features: water, land masses, and equator. Then using a magic marker and the over 100 colorful stickers-featuring people, places, cities, plus blanks to fill in-kids get to make their own world of personalized knowledge. They can draw in boundaries, label the oceans, name the countries, and put the elephant sticker where the elephants live, the pineapple sticker where pineapples grow-and the "I Live Here" arrow exactly where it belongs. Selection of the Book-of-the-Month Club and Troll Book Club.Suitable for ages 4-7.

558,000 copies in print.
United States, Canada, and Mexico Atlas
Rand McNally Publishing*****This fun sticker book covers all 50 states plus Canada and Mexico. Organized by region, the book features reusable stickers of landmarks, flags and other items of interest to teach kids about North America. In addition to stickers and maps, the book contains Fascinating Facts, Can You Spot? features, and a quiz at the end of the book to reinforce learning.
World Atlas