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A History of US: War, Peace, and All That Jazz (1918-1945)
Joy Hakim*****Recommended by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy as an exemplary informational text.

From woman's suffrage to Babe Ruth's home runs, from Louis Armstrong's jazz to Franklin Delano Roosevelt's four presidential terms, from the finale of one world war to the dramatic close of the second, War, Peace, and All That Jazz presents the story of some of the most exciting years in U.S. history. With the end of World War I, many Americans decided to live it up, going to movies, driving cars, and cheering baseball games a plenty. But alongside this post WWI spree was high unemployment, hard times for farmers, ever present racism, and, finally, the Depression, the worst economic disaster in U.S. history, flip flopping the nation from prosperity to scarcity. Along came one of our country's greatest leaders, F.D.R., who promised a New Deal, gave Americans hope, and then saw them through the horrors and victories of World War II. These three decades full of optimism and despair, progress and Depression, and, of course, War, Peace, and All That Jazz forever changed the United States.
About the Series:
Master storyteller Joy Hakim has excited millions of young minds with the great drama of American history in her award-winning series A History of US. Recommended by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy as an exemplary informational text, A History of US weaves together exciting stories that bring American history to life. Hailed by reviewers, historians, educators, and parents for its exciting, thought-provoking narrative, the books have been recognized as a break-through tool in teaching history and critical reading skills to young people. In ten books that span from Prehistory to the 21st century, young people will never think of American history as boring again.
Bomb: The Race to Build - and Steal - the World's Most Dangerous Weapon
Steve Sheinkin*****In December of 1938, a chemist in a German laboratory made a shocking discovery: When placed next to radioactive material, a Uranium atom split in two. That simple discovery launched a scientific race that spanned 3 continents. In Great Britain and the United States, Soviet spies worked their way into the scientific community; in Norway, a commando force slipped behind enemy lines to attack German heavy-water manufacturing; and deep in the desert, one brilliant group of scientists was hidden away at a remote site at Los Alamos. This is the story of the plotting, the risk-taking, the deceit, and genius that created the world's most formidable weapon. This is the story of the atomic bomb.

Bomb is a 2012 National Book Awards finalist for Young People’s Literature.

Bomb is a 2012 Washington Post Best Kids Books of the Year title.

Bomb is a 2013 Newbery Honor book.
World War II
Simon Adams*****Some of the most popular selections from the formidable Eyewitness backlist are now available with a clip-art CD included-with no increase in price!
Attack on Pearl Harbor: The True Story of the Day America Entered World War II
Shelley Tanaka*****With compelling photographs and memorabilia, and a gripping text that draws on the recollections of American and Japanese civilians, sailors, and airmen, Attack on Pearl Harbor evocatively recreates this tragic day.
Dear Miss Breed: True Stories of the Japanese American Incarceration During World War II and a Librarian Who Made a Difference
Joanne Oppenheim*****A chronicle of the incredible correspondence between California librarian Clara Breed and young Japanese American internees during World War II.

In the early 1940's, Clara Breed was the children's librarian at the San Diego Public Library. But she was also friend to dozens of Japanese American children and teens when war broke out in December of 1941. The story of what happened to these American citizens is movingly told through letters that her young friends wrote to Miss Breed during their internment. This remarkable librarian and humanitarian served as a lifeline to these imprisoned young people, and was brave enough to speak out against a shameful chapter in American history.
True Stories of D-Day
Henry Brook*****This fascinating book tells the stories of the real-life heroes involved of a single day that changed the face of modern history, 6 June 1944 - D-day, the allied invasion of Nazi-occupied Normandy. Millions were caught up in the struggle for the Normandy. This book focuses on the bravery of a few individuals, including the meteorologist advising General Eisenhower, an elite paratrooper who formed part of an advance party, the sergeant who waded onto Omaha beach under a hail of gunfire and the Resistance fighter, who was caught in a fire as Allied troops landed. Packed full of fascinating detail, this book tells the remarkable story of D-Day as it really was - young readers will find this a compelling, moving and enlightening collection of true-life tales. It contains maps, line drawings and notes on sources and further reading.
The Battle for Iwo Jima
Tom McGowen*****
The Battle for Iwo Jima
Tom McGowen*****Dramatic and defining moments in American history come vividly the life in the Cornerstones of Freedom series.
The Battle for Iwo Jima
Tom McGowen*****Dramatic and defining moments in American history come vividly the life in the Cornerstones of Freedom series.