Week 2:5 (Nov. 16-20)


Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA Template, Mythology Review ListPinellas Education FoundationWatchmenTurnitin Journal, Symbol SketchesNotes on the Graphic Novel and Postmodernism, E-textThe Doomsday ClockUnderstanding Comics

Great Expectations: Theme Log, GE E-text (Whole Novel on One Page)GE AudiotextWeaving and Citing ExamplesThesis NotesPaper Outline and Rubric, Thesis PromptOriginal EndingTheme-Specific Overviews, Theme-Specific Questions, Weekly Learning Goal Self-Evaluation Scale (W.8); Turnitin.com Journal: Proofreading ExpectationsGE Ch. 20-39 Turnitin JournalCh. 40-59 Turnitin JournalTurnitin Registration Instructions

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotes

Writing a Thesis Statement: Thesis Notes (from in class), Thesis Help (getting your ideas together), Thesis Development (forming your ideas into a sentence), Subordinate Conjunctions (forming complex sentences with useful words), Thesis Generator (if you can’t quite get your ideas into a sentence), Thesis Builder (another thesis generator if you’re having trouble fitting it all in one sentence)