Week 1:1 (Aug. 10–11)

  • Blue GETs on the agenda indicate a handout being physically distributed in class.
  • Green s indicate classroom activities such as groupwork, lectures, and lessons.
  • Red words like DUE or QUIZ indicate an assignment due date or assessment.

Welcome to a new school year! I’ve posted the week’s agenda for all to see. This is a weekly occurrence, usually done on Thursday afternoon for the week which follows. Please refer to the key above to make clearest sense of the agenda. You can also click on the agenda board for a larger zoom-able image. Below, you’ll find downloadable versions of this week’s in-class handouts along with a few other helpful documents.

Freshmen: Course Syllabus, Four Questions, Fairy Tale (“Little Red-Cap”), Colormarking Guide, Laptop Permission Form, Journal Expectations

Seniors: Course Syllabus, Poetry Packet, Global Issues, Journal Expectations

Diploma Support: Rotation Calendar, 5th Period Rotations, DS Contract, IB Academic GuidelinesIB Honor Code, Say Something Anonymous Reporting System / Extended Essays: EBSCO HostGale DatabasesMLA TemplateMLA Sample PaperCat. 1 (28/34)Cat. 1 (30/34)Cat. 2 (34/34)Cat. 3 (33/34)EE Rubric