Week 1:2 (Aug. 14–18)

  • Blue GETs on the agenda indicate a handout being physically distributed in class.
  • Green s indicate classroom activities such as groupwork, lectures, and lessons.
  • Red words like DUE or QUIZ indicate an assignment due date or assessment.

Freshmen: Course Syllabus, Four Questions, Laptop Permission Form, Journal Expectations, Literature Terms, Discussion Question Stems, Usage Notes, Subordinate Conjunctions, Transitions Toolbox, PDF Scanning Directions / Short Stories: Fairy Tale (“Little Red-Cap”) & Colormarking Guide, Journal Setup & Lit Terms“Harrison Bergeron” e-textVonnegut Background, “Once Upon a Time” e-textGordimer BackgroundShort Stories JournalStated & Implied Theme

Seniors: Course Syllabus, Poetry Packet (for informal Poetry Responses), Global Issues (General), Journal Expectations, Lit Terms, Aristotle’s Tragic Hero, PDF Scanning Directions / Fences: Full E-text, Global Issues Preview “Bookmark”, Journal Questions, “In Defense of a Loaded Word”Call Sheet/ Sources for Synthesis Notes: Playgoer’s Guide, Original Playbill, Author’s Life & Work, Redlining History/Definition, Redlining in Pittsburg, Redlining in St. Petersburg, Pittsburg’s Hill District, St. Petersburg Study, 4 Essays on the Word, Teaching the Word

Diploma Support: Rotation Calendar, 5th Period Rotations, DS Contract, IB Academic GuidelinesIB Honor Code, Say Something Anonymous Reporting System / Extended Essays: EBSCO HostGale DatabasesMLA TemplateMLA Sample PaperCat. 1 (28/34)Cat. 1 (30/34)Cat. 2 (34/34)Cat. 3 (33/34)EE Rubric