Week 2:1 (Sept. 30-Oct. 4)


Seniors: 2nd Six Weeks’ Poetry PacketMLA TemplateFrankenstein Response JournalReading Schedule 2:1-6Frankenstein Audiotext, “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” E-text, Tone WordsOpen Response Prompts

Freshmen: Proofreading ExpectationsGE Vocab ListTheme LogColormarking #5Theme Analysis #1 (Instructions, Prompt, and Rubric), GE Ch. 1-10 Journal QuestionsGE Audiotext, GE Graphic Novelization for Ch. 11-13

Week 1:6 (Sept. 23-27)


Seniors: 2nd Six Weeks’ Poetry PacketMLA TemplateJane Eyre Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Response Journal, Paradise Lost E-TextReading Schedule 2:1-6Rubric for Thursday’s In-Class Poetry Essay, Frankenstein Audiotext

Freshmen: GE NotesGE Vocab ListGE Theme Log, Colormarking #4Turnitin Registration Instructions and Theme Analysis #1Proofreading ExpectationsGE Graphic Novelization Ch. 3-7GE Graphic Novelization Ch. 8-10GE Audiotext

Week 1:2 (Aug. 26-30)



Seniors: Course SyllabusDiscussion Instructions (question-writing for Monday’s class discussion), Poems for Poetry Responses (instructions included), MLA Template (for Poetry Responses), Plagiarism NotesJane Eyre Journal (Turnitin.com instructions included), Siddhartha “Open Essay” RubricJane Eyre E-textReading Schedule for 1:2-1:6Jane Eyre Vocab Assignment

Freshmen: Course SyllabusFour QuestionsVocab Presentation Instructions and Word List (specific word assignment obtained in class), Journal ExpectationsLiterature Terms (specific directions given in class), Usage Notes (Parts I & II)Colormarking #2, Proofreading Expectations (1st Six Weeks)Theme Writing #1“The Scarlet Ibis” Questions