Week 2:6 (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA TemplatePinellas Education FoundationWatchmen: Turnitin Journal, Symbol SketchesNotes on the Graphic Novel and Postmodernism, E-textThe Doomsday ClockUnderstanding Comics

Great Expectations: Theme Log, GE E-text (Whole Novel on One Page)GE AudiotextWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricOriginal Ending, Weekly Learning Goal Self-Evaluation Scale (R.910.2)MLA Template; Turnitin.com Journal: Proofreading ExpectationsCh. 40-59 Turnitin JournalTurnitin Registration Instructions

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesTheme Log

Writing a Thesis Statement: GE Thesis PromptThesis Notes (from in class), Thesis Help (getting your ideas together), Thesis Development (forming your ideas into a sentence),Subordinate Conjunctions (forming complex sentences with useful words), Thesis Generator (if you can’t quite get your ideas into a sentence), Thesis Builder (another thesis generator if you’re having trouble fitting it all in one sentence), GE Theme-Specific Overviews, GE Theme-Specific Questions

Week 2:6 (Dec. 1-5)



Seniors: Reading Schedule, Watchmen NotesWatchmen Journal, Symbol SketchesWatchmen PromptsWatchmen Essay RubricFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Freshmen: Turnitin Registration InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsTheme LogWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricMLA TemplateFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesCh. 1-5 JournalCh. 6-10 Journal

Week 3:1 (Nov. 11-15)


Seniors: Reading Schedule for 3:1-4Poems for the 3rd Six WeeksMLA TemplateWatchmen JournalWatchmen SketchesWatchmen PromptsWatchmen Notes, Tuesday’s Practice Prose PromptTips for Wednesday’s Skill AssessmentThursday’s Practice Prose Prompt

Freshmen: Citing and Weaving ExamplesGE Theme LogGE AudiotextThesis NotesGE Paper Outline and Rubric, GE Journal Questions for Ch. 20-29, GE Journal Questions for Ch. 30-59GE E-TextAnimal Farm Vocab List, Vocab Presentation InstructionsThesis PromptThesis Tips

Week 1:6 (Sept. 23-27)


Seniors: 2nd Six Weeks’ Poetry PacketMLA TemplateJane Eyre Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Response Journal, Paradise Lost E-TextReading Schedule 2:1-6Rubric for Thursday’s In-Class Poetry Essay, Frankenstein Audiotext

Freshmen: GE NotesGE Vocab ListGE Theme Log, Colormarking #4Turnitin Registration Instructions and Theme Analysis #1Proofreading ExpectationsGE Graphic Novelization Ch. 3-7GE Graphic Novelization Ch. 8-10GE Audiotext

Week 1:5 (Sept. 16-20)


Seniors, this is a pretty busy-looking week, but if you follow the reading schedule and complete the journal responses as you read through the novel, you’ll be fine.  Remember to always follow MLA format in your poetry responses.  The physical composition book (the vocab assignments) will not be due until the end of next week, but you should try to wrap up the JE assignment assignment and move on to the Frankenstein vocab if you haven’t already.  Take note: we’ll be doing something really useful (i.e. beneficial for Friday’s assessment) in class on Tuesday.  Here’s a nifty online-only handout that gives you 10 tips for the AP Lit multiple choice portion.  And here’s a link for Paradise Lost.

Freshmen: Great Expectations NotesGreat Expectations Vocab ListGreat Expectations Theme Log, Great Expectations AudiotextTheme Writing #2Colormarking #4Great Expectations Graphic Novelization Ch. 1-2Journal: Journal ExpectationsProofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsTheme Writing #1“The Scarlet Ibis” Questions“The Cask of Amontillado” Questions