Week 4:1 (Jan. 21-24)

41edit Homeroom Assignments for Tuesday

Seniors: Reading Schedule for 3:5-4:5, Practice Poetry Prompt for 4:1

Freshmen: Honors SyllabusPersonal ParagraphsShort Story Vocab List, Vocab Presentation Instructions, Proofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsJournal Expectations, Journal Questions on “Poison”, Romeo and Juliet Prologue

Week 4:1 (Jan. 22-25)

Homeroom List for Tuesday Morning
Freshmen: Honors SyllabusLiterature TermsPersonal Paragraphs, RJ PrologueSS Vocab ListVocabulary Presentation Instructions
Seniors: AP SyllabusReading Schedule for 3:5-4:2Literature NotesPoetry Response Instructions, Second Semester Poem PacketExam Essay RubricBeloved: Response JournalPrompt List

Week 2:3 (Oct. 15-18)

Freshmen: GE E-text (remember to use Control/Command + F), GE Ch. 1-10 Journal Questions, GE Ch. 11-10 Journal Questions for 1st, 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th periods, GE Theme LogGE Vocab ListVocab Presentation Instructions, Great Expectations Audio

Seniors: Bellwork 2:3Frankenstein Essay Rubric2:2-2:4 Reading Schedule2nd Six Weeks’ PoemsHamlet Notes & Assigned MotifsHamlet E-text, Hamlet Response JournalHamlet Vocab AssignmentHamlet Act I Audio (≈00:50), Act II Audio (≈00:37), Act III Audio (≈00:57), Portion of a BBC Documentary on Hamlet: