Week 5:4 (Apr. 1-5)


Freshmen: RJ Performance ProjectAudioplayE-text (Entire Play)Vocab ListTheme Log; Journal Assignments: Act IAct IIAct III (All three entries are due on the Monday we return from break with 35% off for each late day regardless of absence.)

Seniors: Final Reading ScheduleWaiting for Godot PromptsExistentialism NotesMock Exam Survey, Major Works Data SheetOpen Response Books and Prompts (1970-2012)Fairy Tales: “The Little Mermaid”“Snowdrop”“Rapunzel”“Rumpelstiltskin”“Ashenputtel”“Hansel and Grethel”“Briar Rose”“Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” (For Monday, either complete another poetry response or a literary criticism from one of the fairy tales listed above.)

Everyone: Important Dates for the Rest of the School Year