Week 3:10 (Mar. 7-11)


Seniors, for this week’s assigned fairy tale, select one of these fairy tales: “Snowdrop” (Snow White)“Rapunzel”“Rumpelstiltskin”“Ashenputtel” (Cinderella)“Hansel and Grethel”“Briar Rose” (Sleeping Beauty), and then select one of the schools of criticism (e.g. Freudian, Marxist) included in this Literary Criticism PDF.  Study the notes and carefully read the story through that lens, using the leading questions as the basis for your analysis.  Here are the old reading schedule and Atonement prompts if you need them.

Freshmen: RJ Vocab ListVocab Presentation InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsWeaving and Citing ExamplesLiterature TermsRJ E-Text with Line NumbersRJ AudioplayRJ Theme LogTips for Reading ShakespeareTwo Days / Journals: Act I Journal #22-28Act II Journal #1-20