Week 2:3 (Oct. 24-28)



AP LITERATURE: Reading SchedulePoetry Response Packet, MLA Template

WATCHMEN: Turnitin Journal, Symbol SketchesNotes on the Graphic Novel and Postmodernism, E-textThe Doomsday Clock, Understanding Comics (large PDF)

AP SEMINAR: AP Capstone Digital Portfolio, Practice Speech AssignmentTeam Multimedia Presentation and Defense Checklist & Rubric

research databases: EBSCO Host, Gale DatabasesGoogle Scholar; other credible research sources: The Atlantic, The Economist, EPA, ERIC, Nature, The New York Times,The New Yorker, Pew Research, Science Direct, Scientific American

Week 2:6 (Nov. 5-9)

Freshmen, have a copy of Animal Farm with you in class on Friday: GE Theme LogGE Ch. 20-29 Journal QuestionsGE Full E-textGE AudioGuide to Citation & WeavingQuote Weaving ExamplePB Vocab #1GE Paper InfoMLA Format TemplateThesis Notes

Seniors, be sure to read Kafka’s Metamorphosis by next Monday: 2:5-2:6 Reading Schedule2:6 Bellwork, Hamlet Essay PromptsParent LetterWatchmen Response JournalWatchmen Symbolism SketchbookWatchmen E-textWatchmen Notes3:1-3:4 Reading Schedule3rd Six Weeks’ Poem Packet