Week 4:1 (Mar. 15-18)



Seniors, for this week’s Fairy Tail Literary Critique, select one of these fairy tales: “Snowdrop” (Snow White)“Rapunzel”“Rumpelstiltskin”“Ashenputtel” (Cinderella)“Hansel and Grethel”“Briar Rose” (Sleeping Beauty), and then select one of the schools of criticism (e.g. Psychoanalytic, Political, Gender/Sexuality, Deconstructionism) included in this Literary Criticism PDF.  Study the notes and carefully read the story through that lens, using the leading questions as the basis for your analysis.  Here are the old reading schedule and Atonement prompts if you still need them; and here is the final reading schedule.

Freshmen: RJ Vocab ListVocab Presentation InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsLiterature TermsRJ E-Text with Line NumbersRJ AudioplayRJ Theme LogTips for Reading ShakespeareTwo Days, Scene Performance Project Info / Journals: Act I Journal #22-28Act II Journal #1-20Act III Journal

Week 3:4 (Jan. 25-29)


New Doc 5_1

Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry PacketMLA TemplateOne-Sheet Lit NotesPractice Prose PromptProse Essay Rubric

Freshmen: Prologue Colormarking, RJ Vocab List, Vocab Presentation InstructionsRJ NotesTips for Reading ShakespeareProofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesJournal Expectations

Journal: Literature TermsSG Journal for Parts 1-2, SG Journal for Parts 3-4RJ Act I Journal Questions #1-4

Week 3:3 (Jan. 19-22)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry PacketMLA Template

Freshmen: Proofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesSG Theme Log, SG NotesSG E-TextJournal ExpectationsLiterature TermsJournal for SG Parts 1-2, Journal for SG Parts 3-4, WriteScore Login; Romeo and Juliet (Coming Soon): Prologue, Vocab List, Vocab Presentation Instructions

Week 4:1 (Mar. 16-20)



Seniors: Atonement PromptsFinal Reading ScheduleFinal Poetry Packet

Freshmen: Scene Performance Project InfoRJ Vocab ListRJ E-Text with Line NumbersRJ AudioplayRJ Theme LogTips for Reading ShakespeareTwo DaysVocab Presentation Instructions / Journals: Turnitin Registration Instructions, Act I Journal #5-28Act II Journal #1-20Act III Journal

Week 3:3 (Jan. 20-23)



Seniors: Reading ScheduleMLA TemplateThird Quarter Poems, “Modern Love” Poetry Prompt

Freshmen: Personal ParagraphsProofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesSG Theme Log, SG NotesWrite Score Login

Freshmen Journal: Journal ExpectationsLiterature TermsJournal for Parts 1-2 (should be completed by 1/20), Journal for Parts 3-4 (should be completed by 1/26)

Romeo and Juliet (Coming Soon): Prologue, Vocab List

Week 4:2 (Jan. 27-31)


Seniors: Reading Schedule (3:5-4:5), Practice Poetry Prompt for 4:2Poems for Poetry ResponseMLA Template

Freshmen:  Short Story Vocab ListVocab Presentation InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsUsage Notes, Journal ExpectationsLit Terms“Poison” Journal Questions, “Harrison Bergeron” Journal QuestionsRJ PrologueRJ Vocab (All)RJ Notes