Week 6:3 (May 5-9)



Seniors: Reading ScheduleAP Score CalculatorPractice Exam #2“Cathedral” Multiple Choice Practice (and the Key for your personal review), Major Works Poster Packet (2014), MWPP (2013)

Freshmen: TKAM Journal Entry InstructionsTKAM E-text, TKAM Vocab ListTKAM Theme LogWheel of FeelsLiterature Terms10 Types of PlagiarismProofreading ExpectationsVocab Presentation InstructionsTurnitin Registration Instructions / RJ Essay: Outline & RubricCitation & Weaving ExamplesSample EssayWriting About LiteratureEssay-WritingQuote-Weaving, MLA Template

FAIR Testing     Today’s Key: EA7898

Week 1:5 (Sept. 16-20)


Seniors, this is a pretty busy-looking week, but if you follow the reading schedule and complete the journal responses as you read through the novel, you’ll be fine.  Remember to always follow MLA format in your poetry responses.  The physical composition book (the vocab assignments) will not be due until the end of next week, but you should try to wrap up the JE assignment assignment and move on to the Frankenstein vocab if you haven’t already.  Take note: we’ll be doing something really useful (i.e. beneficial for Friday’s assessment) in class on Tuesday.  Here’s a nifty online-only handout that gives you 10 tips for the AP Lit multiple choice portion.  And here’s a link for Paradise Lost.

Freshmen: Great Expectations NotesGreat Expectations Vocab ListGreat Expectations Theme Log, Great Expectations AudiotextTheme Writing #2Colormarking #4Great Expectations Graphic Novelization Ch. 1-2Journal: Journal ExpectationsProofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsTheme Writing #1“The Scarlet Ibis” Questions“The Cask of Amontillado” Questions

Week 1:4 (Sept. 9-12)


Seniors: Poetry Response PacketMLA TemplateReading Schedule for 1:2-1:6Jane Eyre Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Response JournalProse Essay (Middlemarch) Rubric

Freshmen: Colormarking #3Short Stories Vocabulary & DefinitionsGreat Expectations NotesGreat Expectations Vocab ListGreat Expectations Theme Log, “Thank You, Ma’am” E-textJournal: Journal ExpectationsProofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsTheme Writing #1“The Scarlet Ibis” Questions“The Cask of Amontillado” QuestionsTheme Writing #2

Week 3:6 (Jan. 7-11)

Freshmen: FAIR Testing (Key: BE8279) – Be sure to complete all three portions, even after it logs you out! … Fall Exam Study GuideTurnitin.com Journal Segment AssignmentGE Ch. 20-29 JournalAF Ch. 1-5 JournalAF Ch. 6-10 JournalColormarking #7Colormarking #8 [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74glI1lg1CQ” width=”600″ height=”400″]
Seniors: Reading Schedule for Weeks 3:5-4:2, Lit Notes (All)Poems for the Second SemesterBeloved Biblical AllusionsBeloved Symbol SketchesBeloved Response JournalBeloved Notes [media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP6umkgMRq4″ width=”600″ height=”400″]

Week 2:4 (Oct. 22-26)

Freshmen: GE Ch. 1-10 Journal QuestionsGE Ch. 11-10 Journal Questions for 1st3rd5th6th, and 7th periods, Colormarking #6GE Theme LogGE Full Etext, GE AudioCh. 26-30 Quiz ReviewGE Ch. 20-29 Journal Questions

Seniors: Wed/Fri Bellwork2nd Six Weeks’ PoemsHamlet NotesHamlet Response JournalHamlet Vocab AssignmentHamlet EtextHamlet Act I Audio (≈00:50), Act II Audio (≈00:37), Act III Audio (≈00:57), Acts IV and V Audio (≈01:23), Acts IV and V Quiz PreviewHamlet Essay Prompts, 2:5-2:6 Reading Schedule