Week 4:9 (May 16-20)



Seniors: Senior Research TaskHow to Determine Your Semester GradesAP Score CalculatorPlagiarism Notes10 Types of PlagiarismQuoting/Paraphrasing/SummarizingGrammarlyCitation Machine / MLA: Sample MLA PaperMLA GuideMLA Template.rtf / APA: Sample APA PaperAPA GuideAPA Template.rtf / Research: Gale (password: pinellas), Google Scholar

Freshmen: TKAM Journal Instructions, TKAM E-textTKAM Theme LogSAT Vocab #4, Wheel of Feels (Tone Words)Final Exam ScheduleHow to Determine Your Semester GradesExam Study GuideFinal Exam Schedule / Romeo and Juliet Essay: MLA TemplateEssay Prompt, Essay RubricThesis NotesThesis GuidelinesThesis GeneratorWriting About LiteratureE-textSample EssayHelp with Quote-WeavingHelp with Essay Writing

Week 2:6 (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA TemplatePinellas Education FoundationWatchmen: Turnitin Journal, Symbol SketchesNotes on the Graphic Novel and Postmodernism, E-textThe Doomsday ClockUnderstanding Comics

Great Expectations: Theme Log, GE E-text (Whole Novel on One Page)GE AudiotextWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricOriginal Ending, Weekly Learning Goal Self-Evaluation Scale (R.910.2)MLA Template; Turnitin.com Journal: Proofreading ExpectationsCh. 40-59 Turnitin JournalTurnitin Registration Instructions

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesTheme Log

Writing a Thesis Statement: GE Thesis PromptThesis Notes (from in class), Thesis Help (getting your ideas together), Thesis Development (forming your ideas into a sentence),Subordinate Conjunctions (forming complex sentences with useful words), Thesis Generator (if you can’t quite get your ideas into a sentence), Thesis Builder (another thesis generator if you’re having trouble fitting it all in one sentence), GE Theme-Specific Overviews, GE Theme-Specific Questions

Week 2:6 (Dec. 1-5)



Seniors: Reading Schedule, Watchmen NotesWatchmen Journal, Symbol SketchesWatchmen PromptsWatchmen Essay RubricFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Freshmen: Turnitin Registration InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsTheme LogWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricMLA TemplateFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesCh. 1-5 JournalCh. 6-10 Journal

Week 1:7 (Sept. 29-Oct. 3)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA Template for Poetry ResponsesFrankenstein Response Journal, Frankenstein E-textJane Eyre Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Vocab Assignment,“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” E-textTone WordsHamlet Prop Assignment

Freshmen: Proofreading ExpectationsTurnitin.com Registration Instructions

Great Expectations (Honors)NotesVocabTheme Log, AudiotextCh. 1-10 Journal QuestionsGraphic Novelization for Ch. 11-13Literary Analysis Task #2 (GE Ch.1-14)

Of Mice and Men (2nd Period)NotesVocabTheme LogCh. 1-2 Journal QuestionsLiterary Analysis Task #2 (MM Ch.1-3)

Week 6:3 (May 5-9)



Seniors: Reading ScheduleAP Score CalculatorPractice Exam #2“Cathedral” Multiple Choice Practice (and the Key for your personal review), Major Works Poster Packet (2014), MWPP (2013)

Freshmen: TKAM Journal Entry InstructionsTKAM E-text, TKAM Vocab ListTKAM Theme LogWheel of FeelsLiterature Terms10 Types of PlagiarismProofreading ExpectationsVocab Presentation InstructionsTurnitin Registration Instructions / RJ Essay: Outline & RubricCitation & Weaving ExamplesSample EssayWriting About LiteratureEssay-WritingQuote-Weaving, MLA Template

FAIR Testing     Today’s Key: EA7898

Week 3:4 (Dec. 9-13)


Seniors: What AP Readers Long to SeeWatchmen JournalWatchmen Essay PromptsWatchmen Essay RubricWatchmen NotesReading Schedule for 3:1-4Reading Schedule for 3:5-4:5Poems for the 3rd Six WeeksMLA Template, Monday’s In-Class Practice Poetry AnalysisNotes on Heart of Darkness and Modernism; Videos: Victorian Era, Realism, Modernism

Freshmen: AF Vocab ListQuiz Preview for Ch. 7-10SAT Vocab #2, SG Article & QuestionsLiterary Analysis Task #2; GE Essay: E-Text of the NovelEssay Outline & RubricCiting & Weaving ExamplesMLA TemplateJournal Assignments: GE Ch. 20-29GE Ch. 30-59AF Ch. 1-5AF Ch. 6-10; Misc: Proofreading ExpectationsJournal ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsTheme LogTurnitin Registration Instructions, Writing About Literature@georgeorwell

Week 2:6 (Nov. 4-8)


Seniors:  Reading Schedule for 2:1-6Poems for the 2nd Six WeeksMLA TemplateNotes on Postmodernism and Watchmen, Watchmen Journal, Watchmen SketchesWatchmen Prompts, Reading Schedule for 3:1-4, Poems for the 3rd Six Weeks, Watchmen E-text (Huge One-Time PDF Download), The Doomsday ClockLiterary 3×3 GuidelinesLiterary 3×3 Examples

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H57OfsihAw”]

Freshmen: GE Journal Questions for Ch. 20-29Citing and Weaving ExamplesGE Theme LogGE E-Text (Whole Novel), SAT Vocab #1GE AudiotextGE Graphic Novelization for Ch. 30-36Thesis NotesGE Paper Outline and RubricGE Ch. 37-38 Quiz Preview

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4lBHHJcAfk”]

Week 2:5 (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)


Seniors, to clarify, the journal is due by 11:59 PM Wednesday; the essay is due by 11:59 PM Saturday:  Reading Schedule 2:1-62nd Six Weeks’ Poetry PacketMLA TemplateHamlet NotesTips for Reading ShakespeareHamlet Response JournalHamlet Essay Prompts, Hamlet Essay Rubric

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D97aCet8gE”]

Hamlet Audioplay: Act I (≈:50), Act II (≈:37), Act III (≈:58), Acts IV-V (≈1:23)

Freshmen: GE Journal Questions for Ch. 1-10GE Journal Questions for Ch. 11-20 (1st period2nd period4th period5th period, and 6th period), GE Journal Questions for Ch. 20-29Woven and Cited Quote ExamplesGE Theme LogGE E-Text (Whole Novel), GE AudiotextGE Graphic Novelization for Ch. 26-31, SAT (“PB”) Vocab #1

Week 2:3 (Oct. 14-18)


Seniors: Reading Schedule 2:1-6Frankenstein JournalFrankenstein AudiotextTone WordsMythology Quiz Preview

Freshmen: PSAT TipsLiterary Analysis Task (an in-class piece asking students to analyze how Shakespeare transformed Ovid’s story of “Phoebus and Daphne” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream)

Week 5:1 (Mar. 4-8)


Freshmen: RJ Audioplay, RJ E-text (Entire Play)RJ Vocab List (All Acts)RJ Theme LogRJ Act I Journal Questions #5-28, “Gettysburg Address” Materials, “Gettysburg Address” Audio, “Gettysburg Address” PowerPoint (PDF), How to Weave Quotes

Seniors: Reading ScheduleDS E-textDS PromptsPoem PacketTone Words & Review Packet