Week 4:2 (Mar. 27-31)


AP LITERATURE: Final Poetry Packet, Final Reading ScheduleMLA Template, Scholarship Opportunities, AP Credit PoliciesSample AP Lit Exam & KeyNotes on Existentialism & AbsurdismE-text of The Sandbox, E-text of Waiting for Godot E-textWaiting for Godot Prompt / Major Works Data Sheets: Major Works Data Sheet TemplateLiterary 3×3 Examples, Past Open Essay Prompts, Suggested Works for Open Essay

AP SEMINAR: Digital Portfolio, PT2 Stimulus Materials & Directions, Purdue OWL (MLA), Citation Machine (MLA)Annotated Bibliography TemplateIWA Rubric and Scoring Guidelines / Sample IWAs: Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4

research databases: EBSCO Host, Gale Databases, JSTORGoogle Scholar; other credible research sources: The Atlantic, The Economist, EPA, ERIC, Nature, The New York Times,The New Yorker, Pew Research, Science DirectScientific American

Week 5:5 (Apr. 7-11)


Seniors: Reading ScheduleExistentialism NotesWaiting for Godot PromptsEliminating Wordiness from Your WritingLiterary 3×3 ExamplesMajor Works Data Sheet Template

Freshmen: RJ Act II JournalRJ Act III JournalRJ Act IV JournalRJ Vocab ListRJ E-Text with Line NumbersRJ Audio-playRJ Theme LogScene Performance Project InfoHelp with Quote-WeavingFCAT Goal Sheet, 5:4’s Shakespeare Handouts (his World, his Language, his Stage), 5:4’s Shakespeare Notes (his World, his Language [in outline form], his Stage), List of Scenes for Group PerformanceThesis Notes

Week 5:3 (Mar. 18-22)


Freshmen: RJ AudioplayRJ E-textRJ Vocab ListRJ Theme LogTwo Days; RJ Journal Entries: Act I JournalAct II JournalAct III Journal (All three entries are due the Monday we return from break with 35% off for each late day regardless of absence; journals turned in by this Friday will earn a 20% bonus as long as the raw score is >75%.)

Seniors: Reading SchedulePoem Packet, Waiting for Godot PromptsExistentialism NotesMajor Works Data Sheet, E-text of “The Sandbox” (While you read, consider elements of the absurdist play that connect to existentialist themes and techniques covered in the notes.); Miscellaneous: Eliminating Wordiness, Writing a Good Thesis Statement, Wikipedia Entry on Edward Albee (Author of “The Sandbox”)