Week 1:3 (Aug. 22-26)



AP LITERATURE: Reading ScheduleJane Eyre Journal Directions & Turnitin Instructions, Sample JournalsJane Eyre E-text, Open Essay Rubric (for Siddhartha Essay)Poetry Packet, MLA Template, Jane Eyre Vocab. Assignment, Frankenstein Journal, Frankenstein E-textVisual Thesaurus, LitFinder (password for at-home use is pinellas)

AP SEMINAR: Course Syllabus, Mock Research Task, Line of ReasoningLenses HandoutPlagiarism NotesTurnitin Registration Instructions, MLA Template, Purdue OWLWorld Book Encyclopedia (username: pinellas, password: schools), Texting Drivers Packet

research databases: Gale Databases (password for at-home use is pinellas), Google Scholar, EBSCOhost (coming in September), JSTOR (coming in October)

Week 1:1 (Aug. 10-12)



  • Blue GETs or  on the agenda indicate a handout or notes being given in class.
  • Green s or indicate classroom activities (e.g., groupwork, lectures, lessons).
  • Red words like DUE or QUIZ indicate an assignment due date or assessment.

Welcome to a new school year! I’ve posted the week’s agenda for all to see. This is a weekly occurrence, usually done on Thursday afternoon for the week which follows. Please refer to the key above to make clearest sense of the agenda. You can also click on the agenda board for a larger zoom-able image. Below, you’ll find downloadable versions of this week’s in-class handouts along with a few other helpful documents.

AP English Literature & Composition: Summer PacketDiscussion PrepCourse Syllabus, Join the Remind GroupJane Eyre E-text

AP Seminar, when we meet for class in the library, please bring with you a research topic of your choosing on an index card: What Is Seminar?Seminar SurveyLenses HandoutPlagiarism Notes, Join A Day’s Remind Group, Join B Day’s Remind Group, Library Research Methods, Library Resources, Police/Robots PacketSPHS Photo TaskCitation MachineWorld Book Encyclopedia (username: pinellas, password: schools)

Research Databases: Gale Databases (password for at-home use is pinellas), Google Scholar, EBSCOhost (coming in September), JSTOR (coming in October)

Week 2:6 (Nov. 30-Dec. 4)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA TemplatePinellas Education FoundationWatchmen: Turnitin Journal, Symbol SketchesNotes on the Graphic Novel and Postmodernism, E-textThe Doomsday ClockUnderstanding Comics

Great Expectations: Theme Log, GE E-text (Whole Novel on One Page)GE AudiotextWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricOriginal Ending, Weekly Learning Goal Self-Evaluation Scale (R.910.2)MLA Template; Turnitin.com Journal: Proofreading ExpectationsCh. 40-59 Turnitin JournalTurnitin Registration Instructions

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesTheme Log

Writing a Thesis Statement: GE Thesis PromptThesis Notes (from in class), Thesis Help (getting your ideas together), Thesis Development (forming your ideas into a sentence),Subordinate Conjunctions (forming complex sentences with useful words), Thesis Generator (if you can’t quite get your ideas into a sentence), Thesis Builder (another thesis generator if you’re having trouble fitting it all in one sentence), GE Theme-Specific Overviews, GE Theme-Specific Questions

Week 3:4 (Jan. 26-30)



Seniors: Reading ScheduleMLA TemplateThird Quarter PoemsPractice Prose Prompt

Freshmen: Proofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesSG Theme Log, SG NotesWrite Score Login, SPHS Curriculum GuideWeaving and Citing ExamplesVocab Presentation Instructions

Freshmen Journal: Journal ExpectationsLiterature TermsSG Journal for Parts 1-2, SG Journal for Parts 3-4RJ Act I Journal Questions #1-4

Romeo and Juliet (Coming Soon): Prologue Colormarking, Vocab ListNotes

Week 2:6 (Dec. 1-5)



Seniors: Reading Schedule, Watchmen NotesWatchmen Journal, Symbol SketchesWatchmen PromptsWatchmen Essay RubricFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Freshmen: Turnitin Registration InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsTheme LogWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricMLA TemplateFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesCh. 1-5 JournalCh. 6-10 Journal

Week 1:7 (Sept. 29-Oct. 3)



Seniors: Reading SchedulePoetry Response PacketMLA Template for Poetry ResponsesFrankenstein Response Journal, Frankenstein E-textJane Eyre Vocab AssignmentFrankenstein Vocab Assignment,“Rime of the Ancient Mariner” E-textTone WordsHamlet Prop Assignment

Freshmen: Proofreading ExpectationsTurnitin.com Registration Instructions

Great Expectations (Honors)NotesVocabTheme Log, AudiotextCh. 1-10 Journal QuestionsGraphic Novelization for Ch. 11-13Literary Analysis Task #2 (GE Ch.1-14)

Of Mice and Men (2nd Period)NotesVocabTheme LogCh. 1-2 Journal QuestionsLiterary Analysis Task #2 (MM Ch.1-3)

Week 2:5 (Oct. 28-Nov. 1)


Seniors, to clarify, the journal is due by 11:59 PM Wednesday; the essay is due by 11:59 PM Saturday:  Reading Schedule 2:1-62nd Six Weeks’ Poetry PacketMLA TemplateHamlet NotesTips for Reading ShakespeareHamlet Response JournalHamlet Essay Prompts, Hamlet Essay Rubric

[youtube url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D97aCet8gE”]

Hamlet Audioplay: Act I (≈:50), Act II (≈:37), Act III (≈:58), Acts IV-V (≈1:23)

Freshmen: GE Journal Questions for Ch. 1-10GE Journal Questions for Ch. 11-20 (1st period2nd period4th period5th period, and 6th period), GE Journal Questions for Ch. 20-29Woven and Cited Quote ExamplesGE Theme LogGE E-Text (Whole Novel), GE AudiotextGE Graphic Novelization for Ch. 26-31, SAT (“PB”) Vocab #1

Week 2:3 (Oct. 14-18)


Seniors: Reading Schedule 2:1-6Frankenstein JournalFrankenstein AudiotextTone WordsMythology Quiz Preview

Freshmen: PSAT TipsLiterary Analysis Task (an in-class piece asking students to analyze how Shakespeare transformed Ovid’s story of “Phoebus and Daphne” in A Midsummer Night’s Dream)