Week 2:6 (Dec. 1-5)



Seniors: Reading Schedule, Watchmen NotesWatchmen Journal, Symbol SketchesWatchmen PromptsWatchmen Essay RubricFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Freshmen: Turnitin Registration InstructionsProofreading ExpectationsTheme LogWeaving and Citing ExamplesPaper Outline and RubricMLA TemplateFirst Semester Exam Schedule

Animal Farm: Vocab ListNotesCh. 1-5 JournalCh. 6-10 Journal

Week 6:3 (May 5-9)



Seniors: Reading ScheduleAP Score CalculatorPractice Exam #2“Cathedral” Multiple Choice Practice (and the Key for your personal review), Major Works Poster Packet (2014), MWPP (2013)

Freshmen: TKAM Journal Entry InstructionsTKAM E-text, TKAM Vocab ListTKAM Theme LogWheel of FeelsLiterature Terms10 Types of PlagiarismProofreading ExpectationsVocab Presentation InstructionsTurnitin Registration Instructions / RJ Essay: Outline & RubricCitation & Weaving ExamplesSample EssayWriting About LiteratureEssay-WritingQuote-Weaving, MLA Template

FAIR Testing     Today’s Key: EA7898

Week 6:2 (Apr. 28-May 2)



AP Literature: Reading Schedule, Guide for Monday’s Lit Term QuizMajor Works Data Sheet TemplateOpen Response ListsLiterary Time Periods Review, The Stranger Journal TipsPractice Exam #2, Tone ListSaturday Practice Exam Scoring WorksheetAP Score Calculator / Practice Exam Dates: April 26th (8:30-12:00)

To Kill a Mockingbird: Journal Entry InstructionsNotes, E-textVocab ListTheme Log / Romeo and Juliet: E-textThesis NotesThesis GuidelinesThesis Generator, Subordinating ConjunctionsWriting About LiteratureOutline GeneratorEssay-WritingQuote-Weaving, Citation & Weaving ExamplesSample RJ EssayEssay Outline & Rubric / Misc: Soliloquy ColormarkingHelp with ColormarkingTips for Reading ShakespeareWheel of Feels, Literature Terms10 Types of Plagiarism, Proofreading ExpectationsVocab Presentation InstructionsTurnitin Registration Instructions

Week 6:1 (Apr. 21-25)



AP Literature: Reading ScheduleMajor Works Data Sheet TemplateOpen Response ListsLiterary 3×3 InstructionsLiterary Time Periods ReviewAP Score Calculator, The Stranger Journal TipsWednesday’s Sonnet HandoutPractice Exam #1 (key for multiple-choice section), Practice Exam #2 (multiple-choice section only, key included); Fairy Tale Lit-Crit: Literary Criticism SheetsMLA Template, “Little Red Riding Hood”, “The Snow Queen”, “The Princess and the Pea”, “The Little Gingerbread Man”, “Puss in Boots”, “The Ugly Duckling”Practice Exam Dates: April 19th (8:30-12:00), April 26th (8:30-12:00)

Romeo and Juliet: Act IV JournalScene Performance Project InfoTips for Reading ShakespeareThesis NotesThesis GuidelinesThesis GeneratorWriting About LiteratureE-textTheme LogQuote-WeavingEssay-Writing, Sample EssayEssay Outline & Rubric / To Kill a Mockingbird: NotesColormarking, Help with ColormarkingTheme LogVocab List (with Period-Specific Word Assignments); Other: SAT Vocab #3FCAT Lab/Time Assignments, ePAT (flassessments.com/ePAT)

Week 4:1 (Jan. 21-24)

41edit Homeroom Assignments for Tuesday

Seniors: Reading Schedule for 3:5-4:5, Practice Poetry Prompt for 4:1

Freshmen: Honors SyllabusPersonal ParagraphsShort Story Vocab List, Vocab Presentation Instructions, Proofreading ExpectationsUsage NotesLiterature TermsJournal Expectations, Journal Questions on “Poison”, Romeo and Juliet Prologue

Week 2:6 (Nov. 4-8)


Seniors:  Reading Schedule for 2:1-6Poems for the 2nd Six WeeksMLA TemplateNotes on Postmodernism and Watchmen, Watchmen Journal, Watchmen SketchesWatchmen Prompts, Reading Schedule for 3:1-4, Poems for the 3rd Six Weeks, Watchmen E-text (Huge One-Time PDF Download), The Doomsday ClockLiterary 3×3 GuidelinesLiterary 3×3 Examples

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Freshmen: GE Journal Questions for Ch. 20-29Citing and Weaving ExamplesGE Theme LogGE E-Text (Whole Novel), SAT Vocab #1GE AudiotextGE Graphic Novelization for Ch. 30-36Thesis NotesGE Paper Outline and RubricGE Ch. 37-38 Quiz Preview

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Week 3:4 (Dec. 10-14)

Freshmen … Journal Questions: GE Ch. 20-29AF Ch. 1-5AF Ch. 6-10 / Great Expectations Paper: Theme LogEssay Outline & RubricMLA Format TemplateCitation & Weaving ExamplesTurnItIn.com Registration InstructionsWriting About Literature / Animal FarmQuiz Preview for Ch. 7-10Theme LogVocab List@georgeorwell / Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: PB Vocab #3SG Questions, Colormarking #7
Seniors: 3:1-4 Reading Schedule3rd Six Weeks’ Poems / Watchmen: PromptsWhat AP Readers Long to See / Beloved: Reading Schedule 3:5-4:2Symbol SketchesResponse Journal w/ ExamplesIn-Class Notes